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What services do you have for students with disabilities?

Services for Students with Disabilities

At Cabrillo College, we take great strides to ensure that all students have access to the information, opportunities and services that they require and are entitled to. We offer the following services for students with disabilities:

  • Accessibility Support Center (ASC).  The ASC provides advocacy, alternative media, adaptive equipment, sign language interpreters, note-takers, priority registration assistance, test-taking facilitation, learning disability assessment and a shuttle service.
  • Sign language interpreters, captioning, tutors, not- takers, and priority registration assistance are available.
  • Assistive Technology Services Instruction in Computer, Applications, and Business Technology (CABT) courses, and support in the use of adaptive computer technology for students with disabilities
  • The College Connection. A community program designed to assist Santa Cruz adult mental health consumers in achieving their educational goals as Cabrillo students.
  • Adapted Physical Education. We develop individualized exercise programs based on student abilities. Our program allows an individual to participate in their community, their life, their educational decisions, and their passions.
  • Stroke and Disability Learning Center. Designed for people with physical and/or neurological disabilities who want to learn skills necessary to pursue personal education goals and maximize participation in community life.

More information can be found on our Accessibility Support Center website.

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