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Do you offer testing services?

The Assessment Center provides testing services at both the Aptos and Watsonville locations. For more information about the services including the testing schedule, please visit the website.

Cabrillo College offers several different testing services, including assessment/placement tests, testing for students with approved accommodations, and exam proctoring for non-Cabrillo students.

As part of the Student Success and Support Program requirements, the assessment process is required of all new students. It is used for course placement in math, English and English as a Second Language, and some Science courses. The purpose is to provide you with information about your skills so that you can make informed decisions about your course selection.

The assessments officially measure your skills in English comprehension, reading and math. There is no fee. You can assess twice, in a six-month period, with a one week waiting period between assessments.

Requirements for Assessment:

  1. Valid Picture Identification
  2. Cabrillo College Student ID number
  3. Cabrillo College Online Orientation


Do you have a learning difference, a 504 or IEP? We can provide assessment testing with accommodations (more time, limited distractions, and adaptive equipment) by appointment only. Please note: we cannot provide accommodations during a regular assessment session. Please call our office for more information and to make arrangements. 831.479.6165.


Are you taking a class from an out-of-the-area school and you need to have an exam proctored? Cabrillo College Assessment Center offers fee-based proctoring services: $35 for the first hour and $25 for every hour after. We accept cash only. Payment is due at the completion of the exam. All administration services, exam printing and postage are included in the fee.

Need to take an assessment test for another school? We can do that, too. For a flat fee of $45.00, (cash only), we offer eCompass Remote and Accuplacer Remote assessment/placement testing.  You must first register with your home institution and then make an appointment with us to take their assessment. 

Contact the Assessment Center, located in the Student Activity Center (SAC) West, by phone at (831) 479-6165 for detailed information and to make arrangements.

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