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What is an Educational Plan?

Education Plan

An Educational Plan (Ed Plan) is a plan, semester-by-semester, of the courses you need to take to complete your educational goal - an Associate Degree, certificate, or transfer-preparation to a four (4)-year university.

The Ed Plan maps out the series of classes including general ed., prerequisites, electives, courses for your major, and preparation for your major at a university if you will be transferring.Your plan will include classes you took at other colleges (so bring your transcripts) plus Cabrillo courses. 

An Education Plan will direct you towards your academic goal without wasting valuable time and money. There are two types of education plans: Abbreviated (one to two semesters to get you started) and a Comprehensive Ed Plan which has all classes needed for your major and academic goal (degree, certificate, transfer). You can always change your major and then will need to update your Ed Plan with a counselor to make sure you have all requirements in there. 

Don't risk losing any credits towards your academic or professional goals, make an appointment with a counselor (831.479.6274) to get more details.

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