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How do I pick a counselor to see?

Choosing Counselors

There are counselors at Aptos and Watsonville and some programs have counselors as part of their services (EOPS/CARE; SRSN- CalWORKS, Accessibility Support Center-ASC); STEM Center/MESA. )

You can ask a friend whom they have seen and like. You can ask the appointment staff if any counselors specialize in a major you may have (Allied Health, ECE, etc.). Otherwise, you can select by male/female; Spanish-speaking and/or location. We urge you to stay with the same counselor after making a positive connection. Jumping around from one to another can lead to frustration, such as starting over with your “story,” or waiting for documents to follow you. So, wait the extra day or so to see the same person. Or, make the next appointment with your counselor before you leave the appointment.

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